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Oh right, almost nothing is mine.
This is how I feel right now.

This is how I feel right now.

20 something does not have to be 20 everything

My sister sent me this article from huffpost. I feel like so much is applicable to my life and I could learn from so many of these lessons. Bold is the biggest lessons I need to learn..

  1. You will fail. Allow yourself to make mistakes. You will learn so much valuable insight and information from failure so stop playing it so safe. Not risking is risky.
  2. Don’t try to be perfect. It’s not only exhausting, it’s impossible.
  3. Your parents may want you to do things the way they did them or the way they think you should do them. Follow your own path even if they don’t agree (and don’t worry, they’ll get over it).
  4. There is huge value in “oh no!” moments. The things that don’t go according to plan are often the biggest blessings in your life — sometimes, it just takes time to clearly understand what the blessing is.
  5. Do things to stand out, but don’t just do them to stand out.
  6. Live your life according to your deepest values — don’t make hot, rich and famous your goal, because you’ll never be fulfilled.
  7. Youth does not make you invincible, but it does give you the amazing opportunity to create habits for healthy living NOW.
  8. SLEEP. Eat green foods and ditch processed stuff (if you do not know or can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it!)
  9. Enjoy your body and stop punishing it with your criticism and yo-yo dieting. Breathe, meditate, say affirmations and exercise.
  10. Ladies, get off a timeline! Let go of the pressure of your biological clock because stress has an adverse effect on your fertility.
  11. Chemistry is necessary, but not sufficient in romantic relationships. Make a list of your values and top five non-negotiables and DO NOT SETTLE.
  12. Friendships matter — they contribute significantly to your health and longevity!! Ditch toxic friendships and put the effort into friends who inspire and support who you are and where you are headed.
  13. Don’t date someone’s potential. When someone tells you or shows you who they are the first time, believe them. I wanted to bold and capitals and highlight this shit.
  14. ALL relationships teach us valuable things about ourselves and are a catalyst for growth. Even if they end, they are a success if you are willing to look at what you learned about yourself.
  15. When it comes to break-ups, let go! No ex-stalking or obsessing. Move forward and do not shut down your heart. Getting hurt in love is something we all experience.
  16. There is no one “soul mate.” You will probably have multiple romantic relationships and the MOST important relationship you have is the one with YOURSELF. No one can complete you other than YOU.
  17. The trick to personal finance is budgeting and SAVING, but be limitless in your money mindset. Learn ways to increase and appreciate your abundance right now. Abundance does not just come in form of money.
  18. Answering the question, “What do I want to do with my life” is more often a process of elimination rather than a lighting bolt of inspiration.
  19. Have patience because opportunity and success come in real time. Overnight success is not possible and you don’t have to love your job to be happy at it!
  20. The workplace doesn’t tolerate slackers — don’t be one!! Be more than your job description.
  21. Entrepreneurs: make sure the business you are starting is solving a specific problem. The most important ingredients to being an entrepreneur are initiative and discipline.
  22. Burnout is not a badge of honor. Don’t try to do it all, focus on the 5% you’re great at and delegate the rest!
  23. Develop your personal brand — remember your passion makes you unique!!
  24. Write down what you want to be known for. Make a list of your professional and character values and never sell out.
  25. Your thoughts are creating your reality, so you are either attracting things to you or repelling them from you. Be mindful of your thoughts!
  26. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and being so hard on yourself. Don’t use Facebook as a torture device. Quiet your Inner Mean Girl or Inner Mean Dude and be your own best friend. Seriously, be nice to yourself!!!
  27. You’re a grown up now, it is time to lovingly cut the umbilical chord with your parents and live YOUR life.
  28. Learn the language of your intuition and how to recognize when your heart is speaking to you and then how to respond once it does.
  29. Find a cause that you have an emotional tie to, educate yourself on the mission and get involved. Service is a key ingredient to happiness.
  30. Adopt a “what can I give” versus “what can I get” mindset. That is how you truly make an impact on the world.

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Someone said something today in our meeting that really stuck with me.

"I am responsible for healing the wound. Even if someone else caused it. I am the one responsible for taking action to heal it."

I could not identify with this any more.

I could not identify with this any more.

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Don’t go to Heaven by yourself


Story of my friends. Literally.


Story of my friends. Literally.

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